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Whether you’re looking to break ground in rental accommodation or branch out into tiny living, EcoTiny has you covered. EcoTiny pods are high-end, low-cost, environmentally sustainable tiny houses. We believe accommodation is an experience, with the portable nature of EcoTiny gives freedom to plant yourself anywhere in New Zealand.

List your EcoTiny pod on Airbnb and supplement your income through New Zealand’s blooming tourism industry. With 70% occupancy rate, you could break even in just over a year! Click here to receive a copy of the EcoTiny return on investment chart.

Made from strong and robust eco-panels EcoTiny pods begin life as blank canvases, although we invite you to work with our designers to mod your pod. Our speedy design process lets you choose:

  • Your colours, curtains, flooring, bedding, and furniture. Stick to a theme or mix and match!
  • A sound system and lighting design tailored to you.
  • How off-the-grid you want to go. Options include solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and a waste recycling system.

EcoTiny founder Graham Bloxham’s pod has a portable solar kit, outdoor fire spa pool, Bluetooth sound system and a tiny kitchen designed by Andrew Cassels (designer of Social Cooking’s kitchens).

Why not get the best of both worlds? Use your pod as the family bach during summer and rent it out the rest of the time. EcoTiny pods bypass bylaws, meaning only months until you start your fresh new ventures.

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