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Eco tiny welcomes energetic and proactive agents. We don’t want agents that wait for properties to come up. We have a strategy that allows you to get in the face of landlords waiting and thinking of selling.

This will be good for your brand and will make you relevant in your territory.

We have professional collateral and media that allows you to go and flesh out properties that might be selling in the future to –
1. Buy properties and put infill eco pods on their surplus land.
2. Sell or lease us their back yard or surplus land.
3. Buy an Eco tiny pod and put it on their back yard and earn from Air BnB or the burgeoning rental market.
In most cases the capital gain from infill housing with eco tiny is significant and our cost is low and quality very high. We are in the sweet spot. Bring us properties and earn good income from referrals or complete sales.
We will look at all land and development opportunities. For example – one proactive forward looking real estate agency brought us a 50 section tiny home development and sent an email to council to lock in council’s support to make development a success. Any tiny infill section to a farmer’s land or multi site development, we will consider.
For all multi site development opportunities contact Graham Bloxham our CEO on 0275 526 335 
Read about how bad the crisis is in Wellington here.
Where there is pain there is demand and opportunity. 

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