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As we move into the future it is more important than ever to invest in environmentally and economically sound ventures. With the ongoing costs associated with rent or rates, as well as power and water, it would almost be foolish not to invest in sustainable accommodation.

At EcoTiny we specialise in “tiny house” portable accommodation investments. Our units, known as pods, equip you to live off the grid in style, going as far as providing the opportunity to live in New Zealand’s most secluded spaces.

As an eco-conscious company, our pods are designed to harvest sun and water, featuring solar panels and a rainwater collection system. Imagine not being a slave to the utility companies, but instead beginning an independent lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint.

EcoTiny pods begin life as a blank canvas, high quality tiny house. Unless you’re very lucky, whoever designed your house was probably not thinking about you, however our pods are fully customised to you. Available in two sizes – mini and micro – our pods provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. How about a deck for barbecuing and outdoor lounging? Or a garden plot enriched by your pod’s compostable toilet (ensuring nothing goes to waste)?

EcoTiny founder and CEO Graham Bloxham’s pod is going to have a wood fired spa, cocktail bar, home weather station and Bluetooth surround sound system, along with a portable solar backpack for exploring his pod’s surroundings.
Once we mod your pod, we deliver it you at its new home, almost anywhere in New Zealand. This saves you the hassle of organising building permits, dealing with a construction site, and minimises potential damage to your chosen location – we take care of the complete process.


EcoTiny pods suit a variety of needs, including:

  • Eco farm B&Bs – take advantage of this huge growing tourism market.
  • City crash pads – enjoy crazy high income each night from city travellers.
  • Infill housing – pop a pod in your back yard – for family, staff, or long-term

Unplug yourself from the stresses of the conventional city lifestyle, regardless of whether you decide to go off grid in your chosen city, soak up the sun on the coast, or relocate to one of New Zealand’s many picturesque farm locations.

 Who knows? Maybe the hobbits would have had better luck at Weathertop if they’dhad suitable accommodation.

Rest easy knowing that your pod is environmentally sound without compromising on style and luxury. EcoTiny believes in preserving our country for future generations to enjoy.
Invest in your future.

 Stay lightly – EcoTiny Pods. 

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