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Homelessness seems like an issue that’s been lingering unchanged in New Zealand for decades. However, the typical homeless stereotype of a rough-looking beggar sleeping on a park bench has become only a pixel in a much bigger picture.

The reality is truly concerning. Behind the scenes are entire families, parents and children alike, living in cars and jumping from one temporary residence to the next, with little stability or any assurance for the future.

Recent OECD estimates rank New Zealand as having the highest rates of homelessness out of all the 35 member countries in the intergovernmental organisation. The statistics are harrowing; more than 40,000 people, or 1 in every 100 Kiwis, are currently without a place to call home. That’s a rate more than double that of Australia’s.

The 2016 Cross-Party Inquiry into Homelessness discovered that 75% of the homeless population consisted of those that had been reduced to sleeping in extremely unsuitable living conditions, with families cramped into cars, garages, and campgrounds.

But why the sudden spike in families without homes? It’s unanimously agreed that lack of affordable housing is to blame, with house prices as much as doubling in value across the country while rendering home ownership a dwindling memory. Even renting a home is fast becoming out of the question for many New Zealanders, as Wellington rent prices continue to soar to new heights.

And as the housing market continues to grow exponentially skewed, New Zealand’s social housing system simply doesn’t have the resources to keep up.


How EcoTiny is helping?

EcoTiny is intervening to alleviate the expanding crisis for Kiwi families. It’s our mission to upset the playing field and make owning a home a simple and easy process, without the massive price tag and endless jumping through hoops.

Pod living communities present a viable solution to the shortfall in social housing. With the government’s proposed $100,000,000 housing investment, Eco Tiny could produce up to 1200 housing units, as opposed to 285 units at the typical cost rate of a standard home. Our construction costs sit as low as $79,000 across a 10 week build time; with figures that low, Eco Tiny can match the proposed house numbers at less than a quarter of the expense.

The best part? Our pods are not only affordable but are super-modern, comfortable homesteads that promote health and sustainability while retaining the structural integrity of a modern home. Unlike most prefabricated housing, we don’t believe in simply producing a series of clones. We encourage customization and full involvement of the homeowner in the design process. We know the difference between a house and a home, and we’re making houses you can proudly call home.

The widespread homelessness in New Zealand is at unprecedented levels, and therefore requires a prompt and modern solution. We have the opportunity and the means to get families out of living in cars and into warm, comfortable homes.

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