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May 9, 2018

Eco tiny is a company positioned to boom in the affordable housing market. The company has researched the market opportunity extensively and built a prototype mobile show room home. . It now wants to build a 2 / 3 bedroom 60 sqm home and use that as a show home to sell more houses. . […]

realestate.co.nz lives EcoTiny

May 8, 2018

First tiny house goes mainstream -$69,000 for brand new eco-home*- New Zealand’s largest property listing site has its first ‘tiny house’ for sale, as Kiwis search for different ways to get onto the property ladder, says realestate.co.nz spokesperson Vanessa Taylor. “The tiny house movement has been growing in response to the high cost of home […]

Eco Tiny Mini Pod Fact Sheet

April 6, 2018

ECO TINY MINI HOME CONTENT AND BUYER INFORMATION       This is a wonderful strong and healthy tiny home made from NZ color steel and galvanized steel base and trailer with super stylish Scandinavian furniture. This tiny home is ready to move in, totally powered up and generates 800 watts of power through solar […]

The Basics

March 19, 2018

  What is a SIP’S Eco Panel? Eco Tiny builds with SIPs Eco panels. Eco panels called have been used for 30+ years extensively in the US, Europe and Canada and are starting to take off in New Zealand. The benefits of this building material far outweigh traditional building materials that when you analyze has […]

Creating Affordable Villages With Eco Tiny

February 26, 2018

  Like the majority of countries in the developed world, New Zealand is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. Just as there’s two sides to every coin, so is there a downside to the increasing popularity of New Zealand’s urban areas. In Wellington alone, a predicted shortfall of up to 30,000 homes by 2043 would […]

Real Estate Agents

February 14, 2018

Eco tiny welcomes energetic and proactive agents. We don’t want agents that wait for properties to come up. We have a strategy that allows you to get in the face of landlords waiting and thinking of selling. This will be good for your brand and will make you relevant in your territory. We have professional […]

NZ’s Homelessness Crisis: The Bigger Picture

February 8, 2018

Homelessness seems like an issue that’s been lingering unchanged in New Zealand for decades. However, the typical homeless stereotype of a rough-looking beggar sleeping on a park bench has become only a pixel in a much bigger picture. The reality is truly concerning. Behind the scenes are entire families, parents and children alike, living in […]

ROI Return on investment

November 27, 2017

Owning an Eco Tiny iPod allows you the flexibility to turn the income on and off as you please. If family is visiting turn bookings OFF and in the tourism hot months turn it ON and earn massive nightly revenue in some cases between $250 and $450 a night. In rental scenarios we expect full repayment […]

Could tiny housing take the upper hand in Lower Hutt?

November 10, 2017

Proposed zoning changes in Lower Hutt present a giant opportunity for tiny housing. The changes include allowing “minor dwellings” such as tiny houses to serve as infill housing on existing sites. Lower Hutt’s growth over the last two years has resulted in an unprecedented demand for housing. Mayor Ray Wallace has acknowledged a particular demand […]

Looking forward: the numbers

November 3, 2017

EcoTiny provides modular and pre-fabricated tiny housing solutions throughout New Zealand. New Zealand’s current housing crisis is multi-faceted with wide-reaching effects: Housing demand for outweighs supply. New Zealand’s building industry has not caught up – a shortfall of 9000 new homes were consented in the year ending July 2017. Foreign speculators snapping up existing New […]

Steel in the spotlight: 3 reasons we build with steel

October 31, 2017

Steel – an iron alloy – has been used for thousands of years. Traditionally associated with industrial buildings, structural steel is becoming increasingly popular in residential construction. Steel cladding is the obvious choice for EcoTiny I-Pod tiny houses for three reasons: It’s strong Steel takes its name from the Proto-Germanic stakhla meaning “that which stands firm.” Unlike […]

EKGO I-Pod Tiny Homes

October 31, 2017

Traditionally, a trip to the bach meant a break from technology – Today’s the day! After packing up the family station wagon you’re finally off to the bach. Normally it takes four cassettes to get there but this time it’s five, since you had to go back for your sister’s togs. Sighting the bach’s familiar […]

3 Easy Ways to Own Your Own EcoTiny Pod

September 13, 2017

Own outright and locate on your own land for family, staff or year-round rental. Best of both worlds ­– income, investment + a kick ass holiday stay. Share holidays. Share ownership. Split a pod between friends and enjoy income as well as 21 nights between your group. Tourism hot spot pod – buy and locate […]

Peace in a Pod

September 12, 2017

As we move into the future it is more important than ever to invest in environmentally and economically sound ventures. With the ongoing costs associated with rent or rates, as well as power and water, it would almost be foolish not to invest in sustainable accommodation. At EcoTiny we specialise in “tiny house” portable accommodation […]

What the heck-o is EcoTiny? A Q&A

September 12, 2017

Questions and answers with Graham Bloxham, CEO and founder of EcoTiny tells us a bit about the seed of inspiration, growing EcoTiny, and the perks of pod ownership. What is EcoTiny? EcoTiny is a budding company committed to providing you with the ultimate in luxury “tiny house” accommodation. With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, […]

What the Building Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

September 12, 2017

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, hold onto it tightly, since it’s cheaper than buying a house in New Zealand. And forget about building your own home – the recent boom in the housing market means the once blooming building industry is now wilting. Tradies are in short supply and high demand, driving […]

Hacking the Housing Industry

September 12, 2017

New Zealand has the fastest growing housing prices in the developed world. First-time buyers, property developers and those looking to expand their property set are creating housing demand that supply can’t match. With New Zealand’s current population growth, housing competition is fiercer than ever. With a shortfall of 9000 new homes consented in the year […]

Kiwis are going off-grid to tackle climate change

September 12, 2017

Despite what science-deniers say, our climate is changing. The burning of fossil fuels as our primary source of energy since the Industrial Revolution, is rapidly accelerating this process: Burning fossil fuels releases CO₂ into the atmosphere. Excess CO₂ (and other greenhouse gases) trapped in our atmosphere absorbs the suns energy. The increase in greenhouse gases is causing Earth’s […]

Every pod purchased

September 6, 2017

Every pod purchased tbe owners recieve return tickets, accomo to the 2018 Gold coast EKGO podstream owners soiree confetence

What inspired you to start EcoTiny?

September 5, 2017

Graham Bloxham EcoTiny’s CEO gets a huge boost from creating homes & living spaces people love living in and are practical and useful. EcoTiny’s off the grid living will open up land we only dreamed of enjoying. This coupled with crazy high building costs and council time frustrations we have streamlined all this and shaved […]

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